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Stocksquest Website - The MyStocks page is the one-stop place where you can trade stocks with virtual money. The Global Stock Game (GSG) is the world's most realistic stock market simulation, where you can have fun and learn the stock market at no cost.

To check your class ranking:   You must be signed in under the class Genoa, and then you can select the tab Rankings. It will show your place among all of the students in the class. Be sure to click "update all users in group" so that you get the latest ranking.


You might want to use the following links to help you research the stocks you want to purchase:

New York Stock Exchange

American Stock Exchange

The Nasdaq Stock Market

Yahoo! Finance

MSN Money

MarketWatch News

Standard and Poor's

Wall Street Journal Online

Business Week Online- Investing

USA Today- Money

Fox News- Business



Scottrade- Market Info

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission


Advanced Financial Network

How stuff works- The Stock Market